The Crooks Gun Club Board of Directors wishes to welcome all league members and sponsors for the upcoming trapshooting league year.

To protect the league participants and trap workers, the Board reminds the league members of the following safety rules.

Safety Reminders:

1. Crooks Gun Club is a shotgun only facility. Pistol or Rifle shooting is NOT allowed on the grounds.

2. Shooters should wear eye and hearing protection while shooting. If you see one of our scorers not wearing eye or hearing protection while scoring your rounds, please ask them to comply. Our trap workers are aware of this policy and are required to adhere to the policy.

3. Actions are to be kept open when moving from one post to another or between trap rounds.

4. Only one shell in the shotgun at a time, except when shooting doubles (2).

5. Keep shotguns pointed in a safe direction at all times.

6. NO alcohol prior to shooting.


Each week your team members will shoot at 25 targets at the 16 yard line and 25 targets at your handicap yardage. A team is made up of not more than 10 shooters.  All may shoot each week but only the top 5 scores will be used to determine the teams score each week.

Teams will be divided into classifications (A, B, C, D) for both 16 yard and handicap targets. The chart below will be used for handicap targets.


A class--will shoot at 25 yards

B class--will shoot at 23 yards

C class--will shoot at 21 yards

D class--will shoot at 19 yards

During the first three weeks of the new season, every team will shoot at 16 yards and 22 yards.  Those scores will be used to determine classifications for all teams.

Once you are placed in a class, the 1st place team in each will shoot at the yardage indicated on the above chart.  The remaining teams in each class will move forward at a rate of 1 yard for every 5 team targets that your team is behind the 1st place team in your class. 

Example: Your team is in B class.  The 1st place team in B (using the 1st week after classification as an example) breaks 120 targets out of a possible 125.  Your team breaks 115.  The 1st place team will remain at the 23 yd. line and your team will move ahead 1 yd. to the 22 yd. line because your team is 5 targets behind the 1st place team.  Each week we will make an updated comparison of targets broken to determine the new yardages.

At week 6, we will review all team classifications.  If there are any teams that need to be adjusted to a different class, it will be done at that time.

In an extreme example of a very large difference between any classes 1st and 2nd place teams, the starting yardage for 1st place can be pushed back beyond what the chart above shows.  This will only happen if the 2nd place team has moved all the way up the 17 yard line, which is the closest any team in any class can advance in the handicap.

In the event of a shooter wanting to shoot ahead of the scheduled week, they may do so, but will shoot 1 yard farther back of the teams current weeks yardage.

It is advisable to shoot a week ahead as early in the season as possible to assist in staying current if you need to skip a week for various reasons.  This assists the club in calculating the most accurate yardage for the other teams and helps the shooter out from falling behind.

Cost of shooting will be $15.00 per week with a one time league fee of $10.00 per team member.  Team sponsorship fee is $50.00 per league year.  A $45.00 per year membership fee is required to be a member of Crooks Gun Club (required to shoot league).  Life memberships are available for $450.00.

The 2019 season will start April 24th and 25th.  The league will run 18 weeks.  League practice will begin  April 10th and 11th, weather permitting. There will be an annual meeting (March 28th, 2019 at 6:30 pm) for any last minute changes and election of club officers. 

We are all looking forward to a great trap season.

Thank you.